Cap styles

Types of Baseball Caps

There are a few different types of baseball caps available (e.g. fitted hats, flex-fits, or adjustable hats), and each cap fits and is sized differently. When choosing a baseball cap, it is important to consider how the hat should fit, and whether adjustments will be needed or not.

Adjustable-VelcroAdjustable-Fit Hat

Adjustable-fit hats have a velcro or snap-style strap on the back that makes them “one size fits all.” This style is popular with women, since it has an opening in the back that allows a ponytail to be pulled through. This is the least expensive style of baseball cap, and is often the kind given away during marketing campaigns.

Flex-Fit-Cap-BIGFlex-Fit Hat

Flex-fit hats are not adjustable, but typically come in size small, medium or large. These hats have an elastic band in the back that allows for a small amount of stretching. They can be considered “one size fits most.” Buyers can find these hats for sporting events or for fashion. They often fit very well if properly sized.

Snapback caps

The snapback style cap is a style of cap mostly worn by the younger urban generation. Basically it is a adjustable flat brim baseball cap.


Visors are like baseball caps with the bill in the front and (often) an adjustable strap in the back. However, they do not have a top cap. They are like a headband with a brim, and provide shade for the eyes without trapping in the heat of your head. Visors often come with the same options as baseball caps when it comes to fabric and logo choices.

Baseball Cap Materials

Baseball caps are typically made of cotton or polyester materials to allow the fabric to wick moisture from the brow and head. Classic or vintage hats are typically made of wool, and are thicker than modern hats. All caps should have a tag on the inside that details the construction materials, so buyers can be sure of what they are purchasing. There are also some differences in the type of fabrics used in baseball caps that make a difference in the care of the hat. These fabrics are discussed below.

Brushed Cotton

Brushed cotton is a cotton-based fabric that has been brushed repeatedly until it is very soft. This fabric comes in different weights, from light to heavy. Most professional teams use brushed cotton in their hats.

Cotton Twill

A cotton twill fabric is a lighter weight than brushed cotton, and has a light, subtle sheen to it. This fabric is a common, sturdy fabric used in hats.

Washed Chino Twill

Washed chino twill is a lightweight fabric that has a soft feel. It normally features subdued colors, since this fabric cannot hold a bright or vibrant dye. Hats made from washed chino twill are common in most department and clothing stores, and are great for casual wear.

Pigment Dyed

Pigment dyed fabric is produced through a process where cotton fabric is distressed during dyeing to created a weathered finish. Colors are often faded and subdued, so this fabric is great for a soft, cool and casual look. These hats are often further weathered by fraying or distressing the bill of the hat, as well.

Polyester Mesh

Polyester mesh is a blended fabric that creates a soft, airy, and breathable mesh. Because of these traits, this fabric has become popular in baseball caps worn during the summer.

Brushed Canvas

Brushed canvas hats are made of a cotton canvas brushed to a suede-like softness. The texture is light, but the fabric is very sturdy and durable. These hats will stand up to wear and tear better than ones made with other fabrics.

Wool Blend

Wool blend caps have a waffle-like texture and substantially more weight than cotton or poly-blends. There are not many manufacturers that make wool-blend hats; they are not as popular as the lighter types. However, wool makes for a strong, sturdy hat that lasts a long time.


Baseball caps come in a variety of styles, colors and logo configurations. When choosing the type of baseball cap to purchase, consider whether you want an adjustable hat or not. Buyers with unusual hat sizes may have to purchase an adjustable cap in order to get the correct size, since flex-fit and fitted hats of the correct size may not be available. Since hats can be purchased with or without a logo design, buyers may choose to own baseball caps that support multiple teams or businesses, or that feature no design at all. It is important to note that baseball caps from different manufacturers may fit differently, so buyers should be aware of these differences before purchasing from a new manufacturer. It may be best to try on hats in person or to buy from a seller that allows returns of poor-fitting hats. Make sure to follow the instructions on the inside of the hat to keep it in good condition and looking new. Cleaning instructions differ based on the fabric and construction of the cap, so not all hats should be washed the same way.